Monday, November 7, 2016

Brain Food for Writers by Connie Vines

It wasn't until I completed this blog post that I realized that my title, well. . .carried an unintended double meaning.

My featured novella this month -- Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow-- is a Zombie story. And today's topic is brain food.  Well, brain food for writers, anyway.

On deadline?

Obsessed with your current story-line?  Forfeiting sleep, exercise, and nutrition to reach the moment you can type the words The End on the final page of your novel?

Here are a list of grazing foods that you can keep on hand.  High in protein, easy prep, and tasty.

Single serve, or 5 ounces of nonfat cottage cheese.  3 grams more protein than a typical serving of Greek yogurt.

Hard boiled egg.  No longer shunned due to claims of too high cholesterol, we can enjoy in moderation. You can boil yourself or purchased peeled and packaged at the market.

Peanut butter.  Scoop your own or purchase in single packets, smear on a banana or apple slices.

Roasted chickpeas ( I love hummus and falafel).  120 calories per serving, 5 gram of protein and fiber. To prep yourself rinse and drained chickpeas in a bowl with olive oil.  Add chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper.  Oven bake at 425 degrees for 45 minutes.

Greek yogurt

Turkey roll ups. Nitrate free deli turkey breast with a squirt of mustard, a slice of tomato, and some lettuce.  Add red pepper slices and baby carrots. Roll and store in a plastic container or foil.

Hummus.  Made from chickpeas, tahini, and olive oil, hummus is a healthy mix of protein and fiber. Use it as a dip for carrots, tomatoes, red pepper, and cucumber slices,

100-calorie almond packets.

String cheese.

It is also important to stay hydrated.  I like to brew a pitcher of green tea and combine it with low-cal lemonade, or low-cal juice to lower my coffee intake.

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Happy Writing & Reading.


Book trailer for Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow

Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow --Kindle Unlimited


  1. Wow, very timely! I needed this one today. I'm off my regular eating plan and feel lousy. Thanks, Connie.

  2. Those roasted chickpeas look really good. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Great ideas Connie. Writers frequently make themselves low priority when in deadline hell.

  4. Thanks for the food tips, Connie! I have almost everything listed in my kitchen. Problem is remembering when to get up to get food.

  5. Good post, Connie. Cute title for your zombie story. *g*

  6. Thanks, Connie. Love this info. I'm a real food Nazi, so I loved when you stressed "nitrate-free" in the turkey roll up. Great suggestions. A nutritionist could not have done better.

  7. Yes, those are excellent suggestions! I wish I could be so disciplined. Peanut M&Ms have protein, don't they?

  8. My brain could use a jump start. Thanks for the ideas!


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