Monday, November 14, 2016

Banned book: Invitation to Christmas by Bonnie Edwards

My new Christmas romance, Invitation to Christmas (November 15) has been banned from sale on iBooks, Kobo and 3 smaller subscription services. I’m devastated and distressed. And for a week, I didn’t know what to make of this new problem or how to handle it. Then I remembered that I’ve been writing for publication for decades and a small thing like a rejection had never stopped me before. And it won’t now.

Readers can pre-order Invitation to Christmas for Kindle and Nook for only 99c!

Have at it! And please let me and other readers know what you think of it in a review. i.e. were you offended in any way?

Here’s the blurb:

Christmas brings family together… 
Jordyn Bailey kissed Tom Fontaine last Christmas.  
But their parents are engaged…  
For Jordyn keeping secrets in a family determined to mesh their lives is all kinds of crazy. Secretly sleeping with her soon-to-be stepbrother could get messy because she’s on the baby track while he’s on the party track. 
If they’re careful and keep their attraction under wraps maybe it will burn out and they can be friends.
Now…It’s Christmas again and Tom wants to unwrap everything, including Jordyn. 

From my author’s note on Amazon:

Why has this book been banned? Because censorship is alive and well I suppose...and with automated scanning, my happy little Christmas novella has been caught in a wide net.

My main characters meet one Christmas morning, share an attraction and then learn their parents are engaged. Do they ignore the fact that someday they may be related? Of course not! They talk about it...and therein lies the problem. They use words like step- and related- when they discuss the elephant in the room: how to handle things with the family if this attraction burns out...or flames brighter?

Invitation to Christmas is Book 2 of my Christmas Collection which began when my characters' parents met last year, (Not-So-Blue Christmas) when Miranda Bailey's dog brings two lonely people together for the holiday. Next year, I have plans for their friends to sort out their family situation on the way to their happily ever after, too. Hardly the stuff of banned books, right? 

Still, I'm in damn fine company there...and as my hairdresser said: "Wow! I'd love to have written a banned book!" (and now I love it, too!)


  1. Step siblings aren't related by blood...and that's the issue that brings up the no-no factor. The other factor is that they weren't brought up together from childhood -- it's not like Jan Brady marrying Greg! Too bad we've got machines making these decisions.

    Hope you have wonderful sales!

  2. Exactly Jo Ann. And they try...they really do! to deny what they feel, but, you's a romance! LOL

  3. I agree you're in good company, but I'm still shocked by it. I hope it works like those off-the-wall terrible reviews do sometimes and knocks your sales out of the park!

    1. Thanks Liz! I doubt this will help much, but I'm trying. It will certainly have downstream effects. If I ever want to do a boxed set of my Christmas collection I'll have more problems then! It's very frustrating.

  4. Well I'm going to get it on my NOOK! So censor both, TAKE THAT! Ha! Houghton it could stop us huh??? We're spreading the word.

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your support...more than you know. IF -- IF-- sales improve I may go back to iBooks & Kobo and ask for a real human to give it a read. You a REAL human. LOL

  5. Kudos to Gems in the Attic for posting this news. I'm with Lise Marie and the others, with my fingers crossed that the tweets and the posts on Blogger, Facebook, G+ stir up a mountain of sales - and maybe some notice from someone with human eyes and the willingness to take a look and reconsider.

    Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy Bonnie Edwards story!

    1. Thanks so much for your support, Vanessa. You rock, lady! :)

  6. Bonnie, I'm glad you decided to make lemonade out of the big sour lemon. This is such a ridiculous issue. Even with machines doing the scanning and searching for forbidden content, there should be humans in place to handle disputes. Bad form, Kobo, iBooks, et al.

  7. See my other responses...all sorted now! Whew! My brief brush with notoriety is at an end...


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