Monday, November 21, 2016

Ah ... the Sixties ... I Remember Them Well (Really!)

On November 1st, I celebrated my twentieth anniversary as a published author. And, it all began with a Precious Gem!

The milestone got me thinking about writing and the romance genre in general. Personally, when I write, I flit across genre boundaries with gleeful abandon. I read the same way I write...eclectically. Still, there must be a favorite time period. Right?

Right. And mine would be the vintage historical era from the end of WWII through the turn of the century.

I know people often make jokes about not remembering the 70’s or their college years, but apparently I was boring because I remember it all. I’m especially fond of the 1960s ... as evidenced by the number of books I’ve placed in that particular time frame.

What was so special about the 60s? Everything. But, since I don’t have room to comment on “everything”, here a few of my favorite memories.

1964 – The Year of the Beatle’s North American Invasion

I was fifteen at the time (yes, I’m THAT old), and I remember sneaking out of the house, riding three buses through some of the more questionable areas of Detroit to get to Olympia Stadium (now defunct). What I remember most was that, while I enjoyed what little I could actually hear of the music, I couldn’t understand the fuss. The screaming and fainting didn’t make sense to me. The ride home (three buses, sketchy neighborhoods) was definitely not as exciting as I’d expected it to be. Yet, still, I’d seen my first concert and (blessedly) hadn’t gotten caught! In retrospect, you’d have thought my parents would have noticed I’d been gone for nearly 4 hours!

1966 – The Year the Detroit Red Wings ALMOST Won the Stanley Cup

I worked two jobs all summer long in 1965 to earn enough money for season tickets to the Detroit Red Wing games. Yes, I was a BIG hockey fan! In comparison to today’s sky-high prices, the cost of a season ticket in 1965-66, was $175. And, that was for a seat right behind the visitor’s bench (where we could heckle to our heart’s content). Of course, there were only six teams at the time and they only played 35 home games per season. Still, to a young girl making minimum wage ($1.25/hr), $175 was a lot of money. I remember that final (6th) game very vividly...despite my blurred vision from crying all the way home. Yes, I was a poor loser!

1967 – The Year I Escaped High School

It felt as if it had taken 20 years instead of 12, but I was finally sprung. Little did I know, high school proved to be much easier than the full time work world or the quest for a higher education!

Favorite Music

1960 – Are You Lonesome Tonight (Elvis)
1961- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles)
1962 – I Can’t Stop Loving You (Elvis)
1963 – (Your Love is Like a) Heat Wave (Martha & the Vandellas)
1964 – Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison)

(Watch for all of the above titles in my upcoming Golden Decade of Rock and Roll novellas. The first five years of the decade (1955-1959) can be found in PlayIt Again (Golden Decade of Rock and Roll, Vol. 1).

As for the rest of the sixties music:

1965 – Yesterday (The Beatles)
1966 – Paperback Writer (The Beatles) – a given, I suppose
1967 – Respect (Aretha Franklin)
1968 – Young Girl (Gary Puckett & the Union Gap)
1969 – Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)

Back to the Present and Then to the Past

On December 16th, I’ll return to contemporary romance with a naughty little number titled Kilty Pleasures, part of the Real Men Wear Kilts series from The Wild Rose Press’ Wilder catalog.

In October I released two new books. The first was a Halloween-themed novella, Bewitched (The Wild Rose Press) set in 1964 Chicago. I’ve included a nod to the Beatles tour, the Canadians vs Black Hawks battle for the Cup, and even my favorite spooky song, The Monster Mash!

In the October release, I ventured even further back in time with my Egyptian time travel, Eye of the Pharaoh (Soul Mate Publishing), where my hero and heroine will find themselves transported to 1920’s Egypt in order to solve a mystery.

Also upcoming, I’ll stay in my beloved 1960s with a February 3rd, 2017 Valentine’s novella, Paging Dr. Cupid. Set in 1967, and a follow-up to 2016’s Candy Heart’s Romance, Only Yours, it will include a number of references to the vintage time period as well as characters from the previous book.

I truly believe that as a writer and reader of romance we can not only step into that relaxing fantasy world of HEAs, but we can go wherever and whenever we want. It's kind of like world and time travel without a passport. I invite you to take that trip with me. You can follow my many eclectic adventures here.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope to see you again next month. Until then, stay healthy, stay happy, stay well read.



  1. Mega congrats on your anniversary in this crazy business! I recall that in 1967 The Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup...that was the last time. But hey if the Cubs can make a comeback why can't the Leafs?

    1. Thanks Bonnie. It's been a fun month of celebrating!

  2. Congratulations, Nancy! I love the way you described graduating from high school as "escaped from high school." Hope you celebrate your 20th.

    1. Thanks Joan. Like most kids I hated HS ... however what came after was a lot more work.

  3. Congratulations, Nancy! I was there in the 60s (did my HS escape in '68) and get a little homesick for them even now.

    1. It was definitely a simpler time. My grandchildren have no idea all the fun they're missing.

  4. Nancy, I saw the Beatles in Atlanta and then the next year in Memphis.


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