Sunday, October 16, 2016

Six Weeks of Insanity

Nothing tests an author's meddle more than organizing and executing a promotional plan for a new release. In addition to the day-to-day media posting, tweeting and updating of your website and blog, there are also blog tours to contend with, guest posts to be written. Hectic doesn't begin to cover it.

Now, multiply the insanity by two. Hectic has been the norm for me for the past three weeks and I have three more to go. It's the wonderful price you pay for back-to-back releases.

The fun actually began in mid-September when I took part in a fifteen-blog cover reveal for my upcoming Egyptian-themed time travel, Eye of the Pharaoh. The excitement had barely worn off when an author/friend asked me to "take over" her street team for the day.

What a wonderful experience! And now I have new friends and, even better, new readers!

I began a two-week blog tour for my Halloween-themed novella, Bewitched, on October 3rd and finished up just this past Friday. The tour netted me four blogger reviews, seventeen new Twitter followers and fourteen new Facebook followers. I sent newsletter invitations to everyone and had eight sign up for my newsletter.

In addition to the tour booked through Goddess Fish Promotions,  I also scheduled five blog stops on my own. And, of course, there was also the added work of my personal blog with two weekly features of my own and two posts as a Goddess Fish host. Heaven is for the weak and those without a book release.

All of that ... as crazy-fun as it was ... will dwarf in comparison to the next three weeks.

Eye of the Pharaoh releases on Wednesday, October 19th, and kicks off with a visit to Joyce Lamb's USA Today HEA column. Thursday and Friday each have two personally book guest spots. And then, I think, I have the weekend off! No...wait...I'm hosting a six-author pre-Halloween weekend blog tour.

Monday, October 24th begins another two-week blog tour, this one requiring a guest post or interview for each of the 14 stops. The tour ends on Friday, November 4th. Needless to say, I plan to sleep the entire weekend of the 5th and 6th.

As busy as I've been with mega-promo, I still managed to do a final galley-read through on two upcoming books, one releasing in December and the other in January. Which means, of course, I'll need to schedule blog tours and begin on my media kit for both books. Oh, and somewhere in the middle of it all, there's a holiday or two to contend with.

Even with all this craziness going on, the one day I'm certain to celebrate is going to be Wednesday, November 1st. That just happens to be my 20th anniversary as a published author ... and it all began with a Precious Gem.

For my fellow authors ... may you 'suffer' the same insanity I have for these six weeks. For the readers ... please enjoy the fruits of all our labor and remember to write a review!

Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.



  1. You are one amazing lady! Enjoy the insanity.

    1. Thank you Kathleen. There are days, like today, when I realize I'm too old to run on four hours of sleep. Something tells me an afternoon nap is in my future!

  2. Good luck! I've been on a schedule much like that lately, although I've never kept stats on the outcome. Sounds as though it's been worthwhile. Have a good nap! :-)

  3. Nancy, I wish I had your drive and energy! You deserve to sleep in after all that is done! Good luck on your campaign!

  4. Best of luck with your launch and congrats on the anniversary. :-)

  5. Wow, Nancy...just WOW! I wish I had half your energy for all the promo!

  6. Congratulations on the milestone anniversary, Nancy! You have a lot of energy, that's for sure.

  7. I feel your tiredness! The new release promotion hoopla is exhausting although I enjoyed hosting you on my blog SlingWords. The Love, Christmas Romance Collection to which I contributed a novella released on Oct. 18. The week before and this week after has been insane with blog tours, FB and Twitter parties, and all the other promo stuff.

    Hoping your efforts shoot your books to the top of the bestseller lists.


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