Thursday, August 4, 2016


We all know the feeling.  It might come from reading one of those books.  You know, the kind you can't put down except to admire the author's word choices or skill at plotting.  Or from watching a TV show.  Right now, I've been binge watching an older show called Friday Night Lights and wow!  Just wow!  I'm seeing the old familiar chain of events, ie; this happens, which causes this, and then this, which in turn causes this.  I care about the characters and my hat is off to the writers!

As for me, I'm on deadline.  As usual.  And summer in Texas beats me down.  Especially August. Our forecast this week is every single day above 100.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Heat index today is 106. Arrgh. It's hard for me to exercise, never mind think.  All I want to do is curl up in the air conditioning and sleep.  Sad, but true.  I've always been a cool weather type of gal.

So to keep going, I have to find my inspiration somewhere.  Music helps a lot - I tend to make playlists for each book and listen over and over as I write.  Reading in another genre helps too.  I'm currently reading a lovely Young Adult book that one a Rita for Best First Book.  It's enjoyable, not in the same genre as my contracted books (though I want to write one someday,) and fun.

Normally (as in, when it's not summer), I'd also find inspiration in Nature.  Now, the only time I can stand staying outside for any length of time is in the early morning, after the sun rises but before it gets high enough to illuminate my entire back yard in heat.  I yearn for the fall, when I can sit in my backyard swing and write to the sound of birdsong, but that's months away.  (In Texas, autumn doesn't even think about making an appearance until mid-to-late October.)

But inspiration is a funny thing.  Sometimes, it strikes when one least expects it.  I love when that happens.  I've been puzzling over a plot point on my work-in-progress and last night as I was feeding my dogs, it came to me.  A gift from the summer gods!

And that my friends, is when I know I'm going to survive the heat and keep writing.

Where do you find your inspiration?


  1. That's what I love about full time RVing. Everywhere we go its new inspiration. This morning it's waking up and raising the curtain to be greeted by Table Rock lake in Branson, Missouri. Absolutely stunning!

    1. I would so love to try that, Karen, but not for long--I know I'd fail at it. But just for a few months, yes!

  2. I love those ones that come out of the blue--I also wish I had a dollar for every light bulb moment I've forgotten before I could write it down. :-)

  3. I have lots of inspiration, but am sadly lacking in the discipline area. LOL. It's nice when it all works together. :-)

  4. The beach has always been my go-to. Something about the ceaseless movement of the tides.

  5. When I walk in the mornings, inspiration intrudes. *g*


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