Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Going for the Gold by Karen Kelley

Hi Everyone!
I love when I have a new book releasing, even if it's one of my older books. I still feel the anticipation. What I really love is having complete control over my book. When I sold my first book I thought I would get to be more involved in the process. I was very gullible back then. I was told if I didn't like a cover, just let my editor know. Okay, I did that and was told it was too late to change it. I'm sure not all publishers/editors are like that. Eventually, I didn't say a lot of anything. I think that hurt my career. In anything in life I think you should stand up for what you believe in. Write the books you want to write.

And now I come to my Nerak series. Dating Outside Your DNA is the fourth book in my series. I loved writing Lyraka's story. She's half Earthling/half Nerakian and doesn't feel like she belongs to either race. If you've ever felt out of place then I think you'll relate to Lyraka.

Then of course, I have the very sexy Roan, special forces, who doesn't quite know what he's gotten himself in for when he begins her one on one training.

Dating outside Your DNA is a sexy, funny book. I hope you enjoy it! Click any link to buy now.

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Special agent Roan Hendrix will train anyone if it’ll get him off injured leave and back on active duty. Besides, Joe says she’s nerakian. Roan figures she’s a warrior. Even though they’ve never actually had a war on their planet, they still train. A week of his time at the most.

Lyraka is more than happy to escapee the confines of her mother’s artist colony to train for the interplanetary elite force, but Joe failed to mention her trainer was obnoxious, stubborn and downright sexy. The solitude of her mother’s colony is starting to look better and better, and a whole lot safer.

Joe failed to explain to Roan that Lyraka is only half nerakian and the other half is earthling, and apparently he didn’t think it was important to mention she’s not a warrior and has in fact lived her life in seclusion. Joe could’ve at least told Roan that her abilities are heightened, rather than lessened, by her mixed blood. Joe also left out the fact she was the most mesmerizing, obstinate woman Roan would ever meet.

How is Roan supposed to train someone as green as Lyraka? Especially when the stakes just went up.
Best wishes,
Karen Kelley


  1. Dating outside Your DNA sounds like great fun! Thanks for letting us know it's releasing!

    1. I have to reply to someone else's comment. The option to just add a reply seems to have disappeared! At any rate, I love this title. Sounds like fun. And your book sounds great. Congrats!

  2. Love your title. I hope this is even more successful the second time around.

    1. Kate was fantastic at titles. I have to give her the credit for this one.

  3. Great title and cover. I don't think I've ever read a book with a hero named Roan. :-)

  4. If the book is half as funny as the title, you've got a sure winner. Love it!


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