Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Wouldn't it be great if our lives came with a soundtrack the way they do in the movies?  Something along the lines of the theme from Rocky could play when we're completing a monumental task.  The "boom, boom, boom" from Jaws could warn us we're about to enter a dangerous situation.

Image result for free clipart woman listening to musicI've heard other writers say they create soundtracks for each book.  They listen to certain music to enhance the mood they intend to convey in the story. Whereas I tend to need the sounds of silence when I'm working.  I've tried writing with background music but I get too distracted by the words, even if I'm only listening to the instrumental version.

That doesn't mean I'm not influenced by songs when I'm writing.  My biggest use of music is choosing titles.  In one as-yet-unpublished book, THAT OLD SWEET SONG, my heroine, Georgia, is a radio sex therapist.  And my Precious Gem, MAN WANTED, began life as JUST A GIGOLO, because the hero was an undercover cop posing as a male escort.

Songs tell us stories and give us clues about the way people feel.  I often marvel at how many songs are based on the theme of how much a man needs a particular woman.  Songs can also evoke memories and create various moods, much in the same way I hope to do with my stories.

If you're a writer, have songs influenced your writing?  Do you like to play music while you're working?

And if your life had a theme song, what would it be?



  1. I"m like you, I need utter silence to write. A neighbor's lawnmower will bother me,and that's inconvenient in summer. Theme song, that's easy. "Holding out for a hero."

  2. Me, too. I only rarely listen to music when I write.

  3. I write in quiet, too, although it took me quite some time after the last kid left for college before I was able to. I never thought about a theme song, but I guess mine would be the hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul."

  4. Noises like lawnmowers don't bother me, but music interferes because I'm thinking about the lyrics. I also find it hard to write with people in the house - unless they're asleep!

  5. I'm a music person. I don't choose the music to suit the story I'm writing or to put me in a writing mood, but I always have music playing when I'm alone in the house.

  6. I left a comment, but it disappeared! So let me just say, great post. Sound of silence is as important as music to me.

  7. You didn't share the theme song of your life!



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