Friday, July 15, 2016

Romance Around the World - the Final Chapter

     For my final blog about foreign translations, I'd like to show everyone the cover and text from one of my Intimate Moments titles that was re-published in German. Harlequin/Silhouette packaged them as TIFFANY DUOS that included books by different authors. My book, UNDERCOVER VIRGIN, was combined with Lauren Nichols' book RUN TO ME.

Anyone read German? 
 The final two covers I have to share are in magazine formats for what I assume are shortened versions of the original books. I'm not sure what language these are, but the first is a translation of my  PRECIOUS GEM title, THE COWBOY AND THE CRADLE, with its original cover

Do any of my fellow GEMS recognize the magazines or the language? 

And another PRECIOUS GEM  title, TO TRUST AGAIN, with a totally different cover.
 I don't recognize the language on this one, either.

That's all for my visit to foreign translations and a stroll around the world of romance. If anyone can tell me the language of the books in magazine format, I'd greatly appreciate it! :-)

Until next time, take care and keep reading!

Hugs, Becky


  1. This has been so interesting. Although Harlequin sends me copies of translations, Kensington never did.

  2. I enjoyed getting the foreign copies, too, Liz. I didn't always recognize the language, but I liked the idea of my work being read in various parts of the world!

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  4. You could always type a phrase from the source onto Google and see what comes up! :)

  5. Hi Stacy - I tried Googling Romanbladet but didn't have much success. Partly because I couldn't read the descriptions or the links just lead me to other search engines. It's getting harder and harder to search the internet these days!

  6. PS- I'm pretty sure UGE Romanen is Romanian, but I'm not sure what UGE stands for or if these publications are still available.

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  8. They both look like Swedish to me.

  9. You may be right, Shelley. I tried Google searching a couple of the words and Swedish or Danish popped up with them.

  10. They are both Danish. Any time you'd like to ID a foreign language, go here:

    You need at least ten to a dozen words (in order) for an ID.

  11. Hey, Becky. Thanks for sharing. Romanbladet was for books sold to Norway/Sweden/Denmark I think. I sold those rights to some of mine.

  12. Joan - I did a google search for translation of a few words and Swedish/Danish were prevalent.


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