Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Personality Quiz: What Type of Writer Are You?

By Caragh M. O'Brien

A. When you unexpectedly have ten free minutes you:
1) write
2) daydream
3) take a brisk walk
4) mess around online

B. Your favorite beverage is:
1) Coffee
2) Fresh lemonade
3) Ice water with a twist of lime
4) Alcohol, any kind

C. Your office looks:
1) a bit unruly
2) nonexistent
3) tidy and color-coded
4) as messy as your attic

D. When you’re under deadline you:
1) work steadily with daily goals
2) ignore it until the last minute and then pull all-nighters
3) make a to-do list of all household chores
4) freak out

E. When you were a small child, you wanted to:
1) be a writer
2) read all the time
3) be an astronaut
4) all of the above

F. When taking a quiz, you normally:
1) use pencil
2) overthink your answers
3) read for typos
4) use the paper for a paper airplane

Add up the numbers of your choices [Example, answer A. 1) write is worth one point] to find your score.

The Plucky Die-Hard (Score 6-10)
You’re a very focused, productive writer who is envied by all your writer friends. Chances are, you write with an outline and take pleasure in meeting your daily word counts.  You take rejections hard, but you get back to work as soon as possible. You’re generous with feedback and support for other writers.

The Charmer (Score 11-15)
You’re a goofy non-conformist with tons of ideas and a passion for clever wordplay. You chide yourself for procrastinating, but you actually get your writing work done when you need to.  A seat-of-the-pantser, you worry that you’ll never make sense of your many drafts, but you end up happy with your final product, and your fans do, too.

The Sage Planner (Score 16-19)
You’re a balanced, happy writer who likes to make character profiles and world-building maps.  You prefer to write series rather than stand-alones because you like a big story arc and the long-term commitment to your characters. You sometimes get a bit preoccupied by promotion and worry that you should be doing more, but then you get your butt back in your chair and write.

The Wild Roamer (Score 20+)

You’re a creative, driven writer with a big imagination and a great sense of humor.  You don’t honestly know how you write your books since each one seems to involve a completely new process, but you relish the challenge.  You often weigh the connections between art and business, never turn down a school visit, and know you’ll write forever.

Caragh M. O'Brien is the author of The Vault of Dreamers and other YA novels.


  1. LOL, love the test! I don't think I even rate a plucky. My favorite beverage wasn't mentioned and I rarely have deadlines. :-)

  2. You made me think first thing in the morning. That's a great brain wake-up.

  3. Wow, I got 21. I don't think I'm that good, but I'll take it!

  4. Omg... I got Charmer...and it's true! I focus at the end and finally write steadily til it's done. This was fun!

  5. I'm a high-end charmer. I think I might have been a sage planner once upon a time, but age and life precluded a lot of planning.


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