Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Creating A Series

Hi Everyone!

First off, I have a new/old book out or as Maddie says, a reborn book. This was such a fun series to write and when I sent the proposal to my editor I knew I would be taking a chance because it was a little different from what I was writing.

First off, the series was about nerakian women who leave their perfect planet for one reason or another. On Nerak they take food pills or drink calming smoothies, they meditate a lot, if they're warriors they train, except there are no wars on their perfect planet. There aren't any men, either. Instead, they have companion units but when these units were created they didn't really have an accurate design to follow.

I've always put humor in my stories, but with the Nerak series I didn't hold back. My editor, the late Kate Duffy, told me if she had known I could write like this, I would've been writing this type of book all the time. She loved my sexy, sarcastic, humorous books. Something she said really stuck with me, "have fun with your writing". I think that's true of anything in life. If your somewhere that doesn't make you feel good about yourself then maybe you should look around and see if you can make some changes. Life is way too short not to live it to the fullest.

The third book in my Nerak series is Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy:

Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy

Undercover cop, Sam Jones, is ready for his vacation, but his plans never included taking an uppity female alien to his cabin deep in the piney woods of Texas. Sure, he fell a little in love when her sister showed him the hologram of Lara, but he didn’t know a Healer would act so damned superior or look so damned hot. He wants to kill her one minute and seduce her the next.

Planet Nerak is perfect, but when earthlings are accidently transported to Lara’s planet one of them infects an Elder. As a Healer, Lara must test earth plants to find a cure, but Sam doesn’t seem pleased by her presence. He should, for she is from a much superior race.

Healers are set above everyone but the royals. A Healer must meditate to keep her mind one with the universe. It is not permitted to touch a Healer less they disturb her aura. Sam does not seem to know these rules, and worse, he doesn’t seem to care.  She only hopes she can find a cure soon because Sam is affecting her aura in an odd, but rather pleasurable way. 

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Happy reading,
Karen Kelley


  1. Kate was sure right, wasn't she? Glad you're still having fun!

  2. Love the title, Karen--and the cover too. Good luck with the new/old book.

  3. Hi Karen. I love the premise of this book! (and he is not bad either!)


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