Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today They Arrived!

Pamela Tracy here, and today my July release arrived in two boxes: one big, one little.

Here Lucy the dog happily inspects the box of Love Inspired books.
Of course, she is secretly wondering why anyone would send a box of books
when a box of Kibble could have been sent instead.
  This is book three of a trilogy.  I'm thinking about proposing three more as soon as I can lasso time.  I'm having trouble finding time to read.  Not so my cat.

Tyre the Cat says… If you stop taking my picture and saying "Good Kitty", I can get busy and read Arizona Homecoming.
BTW, does the hero or heroine have a cat?
What!!! The hero has a dog.
What! What! What!  The heroine's sister has a dog.
Okay.  Next book, I'm expecting lots of cats.
In Harlequin land, there have not been enough cat lady heroines.

  It never gets old, having your books arrive at your doorstep.  There's always this deep intake of air.  This "Really? Really?  I wrote a book and now it's tangible!

Arizona Homecoming is so tangible that it's featured on the Harlequin website.   I'm going to keep this artwork forever!
Feel free to hop over to Amazon and check it out today.

Click here to purchase Arizona Homecoming

 I'm letting Lucy help me unpack the books and Tyre is reading to us while we unpack.

Hmm, I'm thinking you're doubting me.

I do write fiction :)

So, who's my biggest fan:  Lucy or Tyre?


  1. I'm always with the cats, Pam! I do love getting that box of books, too.

    1. I used to think I was a cat person, but then we got Lucy six months ago, and now I know I'm both a cat and dog person.

  2. Fun stuff! Congrats on the new arrivals. :-)

  3. Getting your books from your publisher is a thrill that never goes away. I sooo miss having a kitty, my favorite pet. Between our frequent travels (about 20 trips a year) and eldest grown son's cat allergy, hubby won't let me have another kitty. Youngest son has two at his house.

    1. My twenty-two year old cat died six years ago and since I had a four year old son taking up my time, I chose not to get a new fur friend. I hated it. Four years ago, I adopted Tyre from PetSmart. Best decision ever.

  4. Congratulations! Nothing like a box full of new books. Don't they smell wonderful?

    1. LOL, I love the smell of books. I should have been a librarian. Wait! I have more books than the library now. They keep getting rid of books and adding computers. I have tons of books. Hubby says we will never be able to move.


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