Friday, June 17, 2016

Romance Around the World, Part 2

      For the second edition of Romance Around the World, we'll be visiting translations from Denmark and France. In these books, the original cover art was used, but the translators took the liberty of changing the titles. The first was originally titled BORN TO FLY. The French version is A VERY PRIVATE PILOT. I don't remember a lot from my French classes, but I'm guessing the second, originally titled, TO TRUST AGAIN, was changed to FRAGILE REBEL, or some combination thereof. :-)

Next is the Danish Translation of LOGAN'S LADY. Since I can't read a word of the language, I have no idea what it's titled. 

The only thing I recognize in the whole book is the original copyright information, the names of the main characters (Logan and Dee) plus my name! 

I'm not sure where we'll be venture in Romance Around the World, Part 3, but I'll see what's in storage and share again soon!

Also, feel free to join my MailChimp monthly readers' contest  (via my website for a chance to win free books. 

Hugs, Becky


  1. My Precious Gems title had sales to other countries, but I never got copies. I'd love to have seen them.

  2. One of my early Dell titles sold in Italy. I would have loved a copy of that one, too, but never saw it.

  3. All the novels in my last French contract were re-titled. Just 2 examples I thought were amusing were: Still The One became Married At All Costs and Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones became Jane (Take Heart) Jones.

  4. You have to wonder who makes those decisions, Joan!

  5. There`s nothing like seeing your work in foreign translations! It`s very fun! :)


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