Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's All Subjective

As I'm writing away on my latest book (due July 15), I spend a lot of time agonizing over whether it's too dark, or romantic enough, or if the story is engaging.  Have I put enough suspense?  Romance?
I worry and rewrite and actually have to force myself to go forward or I'll never make deadline.  And this book will be my 47th published book!

I suspect if I asked my fellow writers, I'd learn I was not alone.  It should get easier, right?  You'd think by now I'd have this writing gig down pat.  Hah!  I keep telling myself if a book is this difficult to write, it's bound to be good.  At least, that's how I soothe my critical inner editor.

What's interesting to me is how non-writers perceive the writing process.  People think we just sit down and dash off these "little romances", with no clue as to character building, choosing the right words, etc.  Writing is pretty darn hard, I tell you.  But there are days when I get lost in the world, when I forget about making sure I haven't repeated the same word twice on the page (that's what editing is for.)  And those days, along with when the book is finally finishes and I release I don't want to leave this world I've created, make me realize how much I love writing.

I have a book coming out July 1st and just received my first review.  It tickled me and made me happy.  I hope the readers enjoy it as much as the reviewer did.

Here's a link to the review of Tempting the Dragon.


  1. So true, Karen! When I started writing 30 years ago, it came so easily to me. Then I started worrying about every component of the story and the writing got lots hard. LOL. Best of luck with the new book and the coming deadline!

  2. I think it shows in our work that we love what we do. Why else would we do something so hard if not driven by passion. You explained it perfectly

  3. Congrats on 47 books! Wow! And yes, I believe writing gets more difficult, not easier. The more we know...well, the tougher it gets

  4. Yeah, it IS all subjective, and sometimes it still bites. :-) Congrats from me, too!

  5. Totally agree about it getting harder. I'm on number 35, and it takes longer than ever. I do think the authors like you who strive for perfection put out better books. It blows me away when I hear authors bragging about knocking out 10K words in a day and putting out a 100K word book in six weeks. You can't get quality writing at that pace.

  6. Wow, Karen, you hit the nail on the head with this post. I just got my 100th book button from Romance Writers of America, and I still struggle with every book. Not in the same place and not necessarily with the same problem...but each book presents its unique challenges. But wouldn't we -- and our readers -- get bored if we didn't continue to challenge ourselves and our characters?


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