Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gentleman's Master on Sale June 1-June 15 by Jo Ann Brown Ferguson

Look for Gentleman's Master from ImaJinn/Bellebooks for only $0.99 where you buy your ebooks.
Tonight is the first night of the rest of their lives. Lady Priscilla anticipates a thrilling time on her honeymoon with her dashing husband, Sir Neville Hathaway, far from family and friends. But when their carriage is halted by a highwayman, she discovers the excitement they are about to share isn't what she expected. She and Neville are about to embark on an investigation of murder most macabre. Obligations from Neville's past demand that he make a bargain with the leader of the highwaymen. If he does not, Priscilla will die. Neville is drawn back into the life he once knew-a life that straddled both sides of the law. He-and Priscilla-agree to help the highwaymen find the man who's hunting them down as if they were beasts. As they work together in this strange alliance, Priscilla and Neville know that friend and foe alike intend to halt their investigation. If they want to enjoy their first night in each other's arms, they must find the truth fast . . . without making a fatal mistake. “. . . filled with romance, humor and mystery.” -Romantic Times magazine "Fast paced, interesting tale of mystery, danger, and love." -My Book Addiction and More

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