Thursday, May 19, 2016

As A Writer

Pamela Tracy here, and no the photo isn't of me.  I'm the one taking the photo.

As a writer, I try to take advantage of every opportunity.  Last night the local chapter of Sisters in Crime hosted a program by the Game and Fish department.

I'm acquainted with the Game and Fish department well, here in Arizona, because my family camps.  And, we own ATVs.  We meet the wardens often as they check to make sure we have purchased the right permit to camp, have tags on our ATVs, and carry a fishing license.

The fishing license story is funny because we've only gone fishing once.  We bought a license, drove to the lake, couldn't find the license, went back to the story, was told they couldn't/wouldn't replace, and had to buy a second one within the hour.

I've not shopped at that hole-in-the-wall store since.

What I learned last night was…
1) If a javelina attacks me, I can shot it.  I'm protecting myself.
2) If a javelina attacks my beloved dog - that I take camping with me - I cannot shot it.  If it eats my dog, I've obeyed the law by not shooting it.  I'm thinking that I'd be a lawbreaker because, yup, I'd shoot it.  But, really, first I'd scream at it to go away.
3) I've learned that lizards are a high commodity black market exotic animal, and that Game and Fish are often out at night arresting those that steal from the desert.
4) Snakes, too, are stolen but they don't fall under game and fish.  Interesting.  Doves do; Pigeons don't.  I listened to the officer talk about entering a house where cages upon cages of snakes and lizards waited for purchase.  He spoke of seeing a venomous snake's cage on a shelf.  Under the shelf, against the wall  , was a baby's play area.  ARG.
5) Game and fish is not really equipped to capture full grown tigers.  The one time they had to, they used a big dog crate.  Now, that game and fish guy is a hero in my book.
6)  I learned what kind of ticket I'd get if I rode my quad in a restricted area.

All told, I had a great time and came away with some good ideas for a future suspense.

Color me happy.

Have you ever had dealings with game and fish?


  1. Hi, Pam. No dealings, and if I had them, they'd probably be like the fishing license story!

  2. Really cool topic, Pamela. I don't know a lot about fish and game rules, but I know they're always changing. It's a good idea to check facts!

  3. I think fact checking is one of the hardest things about fiction writing. And, no matter how much time I put into it, seems I always muck something up.

  4. LOL! Well, here in NJ I don't really have a lot of contact with game and fish. However, there's a reservoir near me that supplies water to the city of Newark. (About 25 miles away)I used to play there as a child. I tried to take my kids to see the remains of an old colonial stone house I knew was there, and game wardens came out of nowhere and told me to leave. Seems you need a fishing license to walk around in there, and they only sell them for about a week every year.

  5. There's all kinds of checks and balances with fishing. We went to a small town a month after they had a fire, and we weren't allowed to fish. Maybe the fish were still stressed.

  6. I shuddered at the wild hog example. Feral hogs are very dangerous. They're a huge problem here in Texas. They can have 2 litters a year with up to 12 piglets in each litter. The boars will mate with any female and that population keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Feral hogs will eat the young of other animals. Ranchers have grown so desperate to rid their land of them that they hunt them by helicopter when they can. That's the only thing that requires a license. I've seen them near our country house. They easily outweigh me! I'd hate to have one get too close.


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