Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Gem of a Boxed Set! by Bonnie Edwards

Earlier this month, one of my favorite books released in this lovely boxed set dedicated to those who come to our rescue: firefighters, police, military and secret agencies. If you love a hero(ine) in a uniform, you may not want to pass up this chance to find a new-to-you writer. 

My book Love in a Pawn Shop is probably the least suspenseful of these 9 romances. There's no rescue (my heroines don't need rescue...they've already done that). There's no villain. (unless you count my heroine's stubbornness)

But what there is is a warm, funny, family-oriented story revolving around a woman who's already sacrificed more than her fair share for her pain-in-the butt kid brother. 

Dix Dixon has had enough! All she wants is out...unfortunately, Dane Caldwell walks in and threatens everything: her business, her brother and even worse, her heart.

My dog Beau is pictured on this cover! And Razor the pitbull was modelled after him. (Yes, I cried with every scene he stole.)

I hope you're intrigued enough by this short introduction to consider the book and the opportunity to grab this limited time offer of 99c for 9 wonderful romances. 

When the oath to protect and serve tangles with love, expect sparks and lots of heat!
Hot firemen, alpha cops, sexy detectives, and dashing federal agents...this anthology from 9 best-selling and award-winning authors will have you rooting for your favorite heroes and heroines as they step up to the greatest challenge of their lives--to protect and love.

April 1 Seattle, WA
Dane Caldwell ignored his better judgment at 3:45 p.m. and walked across the street into Dixon’s Pawn Shop. Like millions of others in every city in America, the shop sat in a row of storefronts with overhead apartments. Except for the signs, they were all identical. Each one had a door at the side for the apartment stairwells, and he’d bet each one also had a rear entrance to the apartment from an alley in back.
Cops liked to know where the exits were, but since he was here without backup, he’d take the most direct approach and walk in like any other customer. He was so far out of his jurisdiction he might as well be from Mars.
He’d watched the place since arriving from Philly this morning. But at 3:10 p.m. waves of school kids had begun to visit the store and he had to see for himself what drew them in. He didn’t know much about children, but a pawn shop was a damn strange hangout for nine-year-olds.
Three boys went inside, and he slid in behind them and kept his back to the window as they barreled up to the counter in the darker recesses of the store. He planned to hang back and observe nothing more.
Then he saw her.
Dark red hair fell in slight waves across her face. Her mouth, pursed in concentration, sat over a strong chin with a slight dimple. It had to be her. His information said she worked alone every weekday.
The woman must be Dix Dixon. She bent over her cash drawer with a screwdriver in her hand.
As the boys raced toward the counter, papers fluttered in their hands. “Hey, Dix! We got our report cards! Wanna see?”
Her chin dimple disappeared when she smiled at the boys. Warm, friendly, and bright enough to clear the gray Seattle sky, her smile packed a punch. He narrowed his gaze as she patted each head affectionately and read their report cards in turn. Each boy preened at her compliments. Dane frowned. She could charm the birds from the sky.
And his grandmother out of the family jewels. For a woman like Dix, conning an old lady would be a piece of cake.
The boys were busy petting some kind of animal; from where he stood, he couldn’t tell if it was a cat or dog.

Dane hung back, surprised that a woman he was half convinced was a con artist would give this kind of attention to neighborhood kids. He supposed that her wide-open smile worked its magic on most people. It was certainly working on him.


  1. Sounds like a fun story and a great collection!

  2. I'm with Becky. It sounds great, and I love your title, too.

    1. Liz, this title came courtesy of a brainstorming session at a retreat. We were tired, had come up with nothing and suddenly it popped out of a friend's head. It's certainly

  3. What a great story! (and I love Beau!)

    1. Thanks so much, Kim. He was a very special dog. 😚

  4. Ahhh. Cute dog. Sounds great. I look forward to reading it.


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