Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Write What You Love

So many times in my career I heard the words write what you know. My editor, Kate Duffy, used to tell me to just have fun with my writing. Sometimes I think I would get wrapped up in the mechanics of writing or marketing and forget exactly why I became a writer. I still do, then I have to remind myself not to just write what I know, but write what I love.

 One weekend I went to a retreat with five other writer friends to a lake house. We had good food, alcohol and a heck of a lot of fun. We started our plotting session. I had an idea about a heroine who is from another planet. She runs across a documentary her grandmother brought back from a planet called Earth, Debbie Does Dallas. Space travel is now forbidden but Mala is determined to travel to this planet and see what a real man is like. They only have companion units on Nerak, and she should never have added the attitude chip to hers.

One thing led to another and we had great fun coming up with stuff that Mala would find once she landed on Earth. When I got back home, I wrote a proposal and sent it off to my editor. Kate called me at home and said if she had known I could write something this sexy and funny she would have had me writing this type of book all the time.

Kate was right. Don't just write what you know, write what you love and the story will practically write itself. With that, the planet Nerak series was created. I'm happy to say I have the rights back to the first one, Close Encounter of the Sexy Kind, and it's now availabe.

I think in everything you do in life if you're not havng fun doing it then maybe you should rethink why you're doing it.

Best Wishes,
Karen Kelley


  1. Great advice, Karen! And something I think we often forget. Love this post.

  2. What fun, Karen. And how very true.

    1. Kate was a great editor. "just have fun". So simple, so easy to forget.

  3. I loved this story, Karen. I think an important add-on is to write what you learn about in research--often that becomes what you know--and love.

  4. Karen - no truer words, IMO! When people ask me why don't you write 'this or that', I tell them the same thing. If I don't love my story, how can I expect others to love it? ;-)

  5. I'm so sorry I missed this book the first time around! It sounds so cute and funny! Very good advice, Karen.

  6. Kate always had the best advice, didn't she? Good post. Enjoyed it a lot.


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