Friday, April 8, 2016

Like cats, Precious Gems books have many lives by Jan Scarbrough

During my first blog I talked about my sale to Precious Gems. Reunited was my first published book, but its story did not end at Kensington.

After my rights were reverted, I sold the little paperback to a company called Five Star. The $1.96 book became a $25 hardback book sold to libraries.

1998 Review: I was enthralled with the world of show horses that Ms. Scarbrough introduced me to in this tale of love gone awry, old pain, secrets, and a love that never dies. The characters are true to themselves, to what they obviously believe, and yet are capable of changing, growing, and forgiving–and most important, they know that dreams can come true. 

Originally, Reunited was an 85,000 word romantic suspense. I cut out 35,000 words and the suspense part to make the sale to Kensington. When my rights came back from Five Star, I put the words and suspense back into the manuscript. I changed the names of the major characters. By this time, ebooks were making an appearance. I sold the restored book, now called Kentucky Flame to Resplendence Publishing in 2009.

Amazon Review: As a recovering horse lover, I found ‘Kentucky Flame’ frustrating…Ms Scarbrough’s story brought back so many wonderful memories that have been too long repressed. Horse hugs, the smells of horse, tack and stables, and the freedom of “Rack on!”…mixed with a delightful romance that non-horsey people will enjoy as much as I did. ‘Kentucky Flame’ has just enough horse for horse lovers but not too much for the innocent.

Becoming part of my Bluegrass Reunion series, Kentucky Flame remains available today. Resplendence recently gave me a new cover for the ebook.

Amazon Review: Scarbrough’s horse knowledge shines without being overwhelming. Crisp dialogue and masterful transitions create a hero and heroine you can take to your heart in this well-executed story of two people reunited at last. Brava Ms. Scarbrough. 

The moral of the story is books you love don’t have to go away and die. Breathe new life into them, especially now that ebooks are popular and easy to purchase online.


  1. I do love when a gift just keeps on giving! A great story, Jan.

  2. I agree, Jan! It's great that old favorites can be revisited in new formats.

  3. Loved your blog! I was raised around horses and even had one of my own although she was a Shetland and mean as all get out. Used to try to bite me all the time lol. I think I'm more of a dog person.

  4. I love how the books and covers have evolved! And eventually you penned a whole series after this one sale!

  5. I love this post! We're so lucky to be able to return to previous books, flesh them out to what WE wanted them to be and give them new life. What a wonderful story!

  6. And I'm a better writer today than back "in the day." I feel lucky to have had the Precious Gems experience.

  7. Great post, Jan. Love your book covers. Good luck with the latest.


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