Thursday, April 7, 2016


When I learned a group of previous Precious Gems authors had gotten together and formed a group, I was excited.  In my writing office, I have a framed picture of my husband, daughter, and I at Medieval Times, where we went to celebrate selling my first book - a Precious Gems called DESERT FIRE - back in 1997.  Nineteen years ago.  Wow.

I can still remember the shock and disbelief and excitement when I received a phone call that Kensington Publishing wanted to buy my story.  I phoned my husband and told him and his comment was "You're kidding!"   We went out to celebrate and I used my advance to buy a laptop.  Back then, computers were much more expensive and the laptop (an open box too) cost my entire advance.

Since then, I've gone on to publish 45 titles for various publishers, 35 of them at Harlequin Books.  I now have achieved my dream of writing full time.  And even though life has thrown me many curve balls, as life is wont to do, I still try to celebrate each and every sale.  And every single book.

I got the rights back to my old Precious Gems and self-published them myself with new covers. Though I'm sure my writing style has changed over so many years, I left them as they were, mostly due to time constraints.  The other authors from that line have gone on to their own publishing milestones, and it's great to get back together with them and relive the past.

Precious Gems brought many new friendships.  I celebrate those too by being part of this blog.


  1. So good to see you here, Karen, and so glad to read your story. Also, I gotta admit, kind of jealous of that 45 books. Great memories.

  2. Nice to hear from you, Karen! I'm happy for you on achieving the goal of writing fulltime. :-)

  3. That first laptop was obviously a very good investment, Karen.

  4. I often wonder about going back to change things. For instance, a big scene in my book has to do with a pay phone. Pay phone??? LOL!
    With 45 more books, you've had a lot to celebrate!

  5. Hi Karen! I love hearing about our PG stories. It stuns me to think these books came out almost 20 years ago. My goodness, we were all just BABIES!

  6. Waving hi to the other Karen. Wow, impressive career. Congrats! I wish you many more successes.

  7. Hey, Karen, enjoyed reading about your journey. Great post.


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