Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I...just...can't... @Liz Flaherty

I must admit, I wrote this post a few years ago, for Word Wranglers. I wrote it because I needed to. Because of that one line down there. "I...just...can't." I'm not in revisions right now; what I am is in the middle of a contracted book and having a heck of a time finding my way out. I'm using this post today to prove to myself (and others if you need it, too) that I've felt like this before--and probably will again--and that there is another side to this particular fence.

Oh, my gosh, I love revisions.
          Last week and the week before, when I talked to my editor—a couple of times; he had a lot of things to tell me—I kept saying Really? in a squealy, whiney, don’t wanna do it voice. I know I did. Not that I’m proud of that particular voice, but since I’ve been hauling it around my whole life, I may as well own it. And I said, at the ends of these conversations, “Okay, I can do this. Thanks for the help.” And then I hung up and looked at my laptop and said Really? in a squealy, whiney, thankfully silent voice.         
          Then I went to work. And I have had, it must be said, some of those stone days we talked about last week. I have stared at the screen of my laptop until dust motes danced merrily before my eyes before settling into the bunnies under the desk. I have chewed my thumbnail down to an uncomfortable nub. I have done laundry before I had a load, washed dishes by hand, and cooked meals when there were leftovers to be had. I have thought, I can’t do this. I may as well call and renege. Because I...just...can’t.
          I also had some days that were diamonds. I had lunch with friends, dinner with friends, saw some of my kids, went places with my husband, sewed on my youngest grandchild’s quilt, and laughed every day. More than once. And I wrote some, revised some, thought Maybe this will work. Didn’t call and renege or even want to.
          And then there was this morning. It is Sunday, when I never work on the manuscript, when I look at Facebook and email and maybe work on the Word Wranglers post and then go to Sunday school.
          Except today I didn’t go to Sunday school, because all of a wonderful sudden, it worked. No maybe about it. Nope, it really worked. This does not mean my editor will be as thrilled as I am. He may say No or Try again or What were you thinking? I can’t control that. But for now, it is fist-pumping time, because of course I can do it—I just did!
          I love revisions.
          Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Release Day for Whole Lot O’ Love (The Brantons #3) by @BonnieEdwards

I’m excited to say that my short, sexy, “secret baby” novella Whole Lot O’ Love is officially available on its own.

Ashlee Branton’s lottery win is giving her and her son a new, settled life back home.
Except that returning to Blaine, Washington means facing her son’s father, Brick Harcourt, in a most unsettling way.
Ashlee deserted Brick and his less-than-accepting family when she’d become pregnant. Refusing to be just a statistic, she worked hard to raise their baby on her own. But as luck would have it, she has a chance to repair what she broke back then. Dare she take one more chance on love?
But Ashlee has two pasts now, one with Brick and one with an ex who wants to crash their reunion. Will she run again or stay and sacrifice money for love?

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from Whole Lot O’ Love:

Life had a lot of peculiar twists in it for the Branton clan. Cousin Tyce married an heiress who turned out to be his first love, but their other cousin Teri Branton was ditched at the altar and married a stranger within weeks.
Yes, Ashlee decided, the Brantons were given different, unusual paths to walk, and now Ashlee had one, too. Considering she was only twenty-three, she’d already been handed some doozies. A teenage pregnancy made her run off alone to take on single motherhood. After a short stint in school, she’d landed a decent job that paid the bills if not much more. Lost that job and started waitressing at a diner and lived broke—very broke.
And now this. The biggest, weirdest twist she could imagine.
She stretched out on the bed, propped her head on her hand and stared at her lottery ticket again. The numbers blurred on the strip of paper as she blinked through tears. Fearful she somehow had the numbers jumbled she checked the screen of her phone again. Not jumbled. There they were; her birthday, Cory’s birthday, and Tommy’s.
She fisted a hand into her mouth to stop a shout of triumph? Fear? Excitement? With Cory asleep on his side of the bed, she had to be quiet. No shrieking, no giggling, no wild crazy joy. Her son would be cranky if he didn’t get a full night’s sleep.
Tracing the numbers on the ticket with a fingertip, she checked the screen on her phone again. She’d used Tommy’s birthdate out of habit, though they’d broken up last week.
The shakes began when she formed the amount in her mind. Half a million dollars. Half a million.
Five hundred thousand. Dollars. Real dollars.
Okay, that part had to be wrong. Luck like this didn’t happen to people like her. People from the La La Land Trailer Park did not win big. Not in the money department.
Except her cousins, Tyce and Teri had won the game of love. And Tyce’s wife, Lisa, had inherited a ton from her husband, so in a way, Tyce and Lisa had won in the money game.
Why couldn’t Ashlee win money? Maybe it was her turn.
Tommy, that’s why. He’d want half, if not more. But Tommy was gone, wasn’t he? He’d walked out of their lives a week ago because she wouldn’t let him move in. But she had Cory to consider and he’d never understood that.
He didn’t get that being with him for six months wasn’t long enough to take a chance. Not with Cory. And she hated the idea of living with a man just for the shared rent. That path led straight downhill to dependence and no way would she get talked into being dependent on a man. She’d been stuck there too often as a kid.
She was better off without Tommy, even if it meant she and Cory had to stay in this crappy motel until one of her job prospects panned out. She was an experienced administrative assistant and soon she’d leave the diner behind.
Soon, meaning first thing in the morning. She didn’t have to wait for a new job.
Because life had just taken another strange turn.
And she and Cory had to get the hell out of town. She’d walked away from her life before and she could do it now.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Are you a worrier? by Jan Scarbrough

I saw this saying on Facebook and reposted it:

Stop being afraid of what good go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.

Then I started thinking about how much my life is consumed by worrying: children, grandchildren, the day job, retirement, money, health, my writing career or lack thereof.

I know that negativity is not good for you. I know that keeping a positive attitude is best. However, in today’s life, keeping a positive outlook is pretty hard. Just take a look at your cable news or listen to Coast to Coast AM on the radio at night.

But wait a minute! Hasn’t life always been like that? When researching – or revisiting – 1968 for my book A Groovy Christmas, I realized life was chaos that year. Of course, I was a high school senior with life unfolding before me. My concerns were boys, the prom and graduation. Perspective. It’s about perspective, isn’t it?

My parents survived THE DEPRESSION and World War II. They didn’t have it easy. My grandfather had six children, lost his job, and couldn’t feed them during The Depression. Life wasn’t easy.

So, when I start to worry, it helps to have a historical perspective on things. Do you find that it helps you too?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

THE WRITING LIFE.... @ kathleenlawless

In the beginning there were words, and I channeled them every way I could.  Short fiction.  Nonfiction.  Historical Romance.  Contemporary Romance.  Erotic Romance.  Romantic Suspense.  Young Adult.  You get the idea.

At the beginning of my career I didn't want to be typecast or limited.  Many years later I wonder if I did myself a favor or a disservice.  Perhaps I listened too much to everyone but myself, influenced  by my agent, my editor, my colleagues, the market needs, etc.

Years later I have come full circle back to my first love, historical romance.  My first published books were western historical romance and after all these years I am back where I started, totally excited to be here.  It doesn't feel like going backwards, it feels like being back where I belong; planning a seven book series and having fun.

Did I take the long way to get here?  A few detours or wrong turns?  Or was it all necessary to shape me into the writer I am today?  What do you think is best?  Stay-the-course or dabble in multi-genres?  Perhaps we naturally change genres as our voice evolves and we seek out more and different challenges in our work.  Whatever and however we get here, it seems the writing life is very much a mirror of life itself.

My newsletter is going out soon with a 'Name-That-Bride' contest.  Sign up for a free novella in one of my many genres and a chance to name Brody's Bride.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Giveaway Books of Summer @lcrandallwriter

It's still summer and I am part way through my summer reading list and deep into revisions on my next book, a romantic suspense. Every season has a different feel here in the Midwest and reading is enjoyable not matter what season it is. But summer offers the sense of leisure, of kicking back with a book and passing the hours in a lawn chair.

In the spirit of summer reading, I'm offering an instafreebie of one of my short stories, Finding Finn. It is a spin-off of my Fierce Hearts series books that feature members of a were-lynx colony. Here's an excerpt from Finding Finn.

On his feet in a whisper, Finn reached Nissa's side in a nanosecond and pulled her to her feet. His eyes glistened down on her, full of something beautiful and sweet. He didn’t speak. He closed his eyes and drew down to her lips. Her heart racing, she waited for him to touch her, and when he did, she melted into his body, his kiss.

To get the free download of Finding Finn, all you have to do is subscribe to my author newsletter by clicking on this link . In my newsletter, I share things about my writing, offer giveaways, and feature books by other authors.

I hope to connect with you soon. Meanwhile, Happy Summer Reading? What is on your list?

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